Made in Chelsea: Dumped Louise Thompson labels Spencer Matthews 'an emotional bully' and 'unstoppable beast'

Made in Chelsea: Dumped Louise Thompson labels Spencer Matthews 'an emotional bu

Louise Thompson has slammed her ex-boyfriend and Made in Chelsea co-star Spencer Matthews for being an "emotional bully" and says she couldn't have prevented him from cheating on her because he is an "unstoppable beast".

The Made in Chelsea beauty hit out at Matthews - who dramatically dumped her on the E4 reality show on Monday night (22.04.13) - saying:

"Spencer would choose to spend all his time with me then blame it on me, saying I'm needy. But I guess no one could have stopped him [cheating].

"He's an unstoppable beast!

"I guess he couldn't really face that he was making me so upset, so whenever I cried, he just wanted to block it out. That was so cruel. He never wanted to talk about anything, but his behaviour was the reason I cried all the time!

"He's an emotional bully."

Thompson was suspicious about Matthews's commitment when she heard he had been meeting up with his ex-girlfriend, and former Made in Chelsea star, Funda Onal while the pair were still dating.

She added to new! magazine: "He's just so shady and mysterious. He apparently just started meeting up with her because she's a dancer and he was getting her jobs. But that man will lie through his teeth.

"I never really found out about Funda. Whenever I tried to ask, he would come up with some excuses and tell me they were hanging out as friends.

"It was pretty random, to be honest. I mean, why did he need to be her friend after hating her so much when they broke up?

"He was so rude about her to all of our friendship group. I dread to think what he'll say about me."

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